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Mediation is an alternative method of resolving some or all issues related to divorce or parenting case. 


Ms. Vandergrift mediates between two spouses or parents in an informal setting. Her role is to discover what matters most to each party and help the parties navigate through their disputed issues.


When it comes to child custody, mediation is designed to help divorcing or unmarried parents reach an agreement on legal and physical custody of their children without the pain and expense of a traditional contested court hearing or trial.


The end result of mediation is usually a written stipulated agreement signed by both parties, which makes court attendance unnecessary.


Because Ms. Vandergrift is a family law attorney, she gives information regarding the laws and statutes, including likely outcomes, better enabling parties to weigh their options.


Mediation allows the parties to make important decisions related to their children or assets or debts, instead of relying on a Judge to do so. This allows the parties to remain in control and determine together what they believe it the best solution for their family.

Because Ms. Vandergrift remains a neutral third party, she doesn’t make decisions or choose sides but rather facilitates  compromises that work for both sides. 

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