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Client Testimonials


“Undoubtedly this was the most difficult time in my life. Hiring Ms. Vandergrift proved to be the best decision I made. While being a true professional she also came across as a compassionate confidante. When she said she would get something done, she did. When she said she would call me back, she did. When she said she would research the legalities of the equity in our home she did. I literally had her explain something to me that I just simply could not comprehend about four times. She remained patient each time, and finally I understood after the fourth time. I would highly recommend utilizing Ms. Vandergrift in any family matter you have!”



“Julianne is very timely and professional!!! She explained the process and cared about my outcome throughout the entire process! I would definitely recommend her to anyone going through this tough time in life!!!”



“Julianne and her team were extremely helpful! As a man wanting to gain time with my son, it can be difficult. Julianne was always willing to hear me out and returned all emails and phone calls very promptly. She had knowledge about me and my case and I never felt like just a number.

Everything that she said she would do was done and her whole team never hyped anything or didn’t deliver what they said they could.

I hope to never have to go back to court but if I do, I don’t want anyone else in my corner but Julianne and her team.”



“My first time meeting with Julianne, I felt very comfortable. My fears and concerns were reduced after i talked to her on our first meeting.

I greatly appreciate her compassion, honesty, kindness, and professionalism.
My experience with Julianne has been amazing, She listens and provides empathy and very good advice.

I highly recommend Julianne to anyone that is looking for a great lawyer at a reasonable price. ”


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